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The Creative Mind Radio has been a great success as can be seen by the recordings and memories below.  From October 2016 the radio station is now continuing on at SWADS (Supporting Wellbeing and Developing Stability) in Swindon.  For more information please contact SWADS (see link below)

The Creative Mind Radio was launched on World Mental Health Day 10th October 2014.  We interviewed Robert Buckland MP, Harbour Project, Alzheimer’s Society, S.O.B.S and members of the public.  We highlighted a number of tracks from our 3,000 song unsigned band library.

PRESS PLAY FOR THE CREATIVE MIND STREAM or press this link listen to some of Sound Cloud sound bites at
Creative Mind Launch
Kicking off the diverse examples of recordings we provide on Creative Mind Radio please have a listen to the amazing Bipolar Music by James Osborn. This is a piece of work James worked on splicing together segments from his European tour. “Bipolar Music 15 EU.”

More songs and poetry from Creative Minds and an interview with Andy Davenport about climbing and mental health.

Creative Mind at Swindon Mind discuss medication and their experience of.

Creative writing by Anne Sutherland called “Experience or Weakness.”



To the cast and director,

Today I was lucky enough to hear the production of my short play ‘Prometheus’ performed by you on the Mind Radio Station.

I loved every minute of it and thought you did an amazing job giving a moving and passionate performance staying true to the traditions of Ancient Greek Theatre. I felt very proud, as the writer, to have been a part of it. Wish I could have been there and met all you guys.

With best wishes,

Suzie Viazi

“Creative Mind is a very relaxed, chilled out place to be! The staff here are lovely and very accommodating! The atmosphere at Creative Mind is excellent and there’s no rush to get things done, we can all work at our own pace!”

“Experience of working with professional artists and the experience of writing, planning, producing and making a short film. Seeing a project develop from just ideas to an end product that has been successful in local competitions. Seeing the group gel and work together; supportive of each other. The learning of arts media skills.”

“It’s good at Creative Mind because meeting of meeting new people, working with others, making music and having fun. Creative Mind should be good for others to join in and make things with people. People will enjoy work with people in Creative Mind.”

“The Creative Mind project was produced by a selection of people with different abilities and experience. The film ‘Gaining Ground’ that we made demonstrated the individuals and collective fusion of input and ideas to create a film with a similar common message. The Preloader film festival enabled us to learn from different production methods and different ideas and content.“

“People who are trying to overcome mental health issues, they have a mixture of different people who have different talents and interests working together. Creative Mind has been an opportunity to build confidence in speaking out, making a contribution to a project in a supportive, encouraging environment. A chance to show what one can do. A sense of achievement, overcoming personal barriers. An arena to express what mental health issues are as a personal experience, putting them in perspective. A place to inspire each other to go further than they thought they could in a supportive, encouraging environment. Talented musicians, expressive people.”

“I’m new to the group and I’m excited to see what it has to offer. After watching the short film they made recently I know this will be a worthwhile experience for me during my recovery (and thereafter). With the special equipment available and like-minded people I’m ready to jump start my involvement and feed in to my creative side! I’m relieved to have discovered this group exists.”