Swindon Services

We provide advice, support and services to empower anyone experiencing a mental health problem in Swindon. To access the services in Swindon please call the office on Swindon 01793 432031  and speak to a member of staff about picking up a referral form from Sanford House or you can download a form here:  Self Referral


Our services include our Community, Wellbeing and Learning Programmes, our Self-Harmony counselling service and the Swindon Mindful Employers Network. .  All these services provided can be accessed through this website.

Please see the full Community Programme on our “Events” page.

What is a mental health problem?

Mental health Problems cover a wide range of issues – including stress, anxiety depression and substance abuse – that affects someone’s ability to get on with their daily life. The most common mental disorder in Britain is mixed anxiety and depression, with almost 9% of people meeting the criteria for diagnosis.

Why Mental health Problems affect us all

Early intervention can help slow down or stop a mental health problem and lead to faster recovery. However most of us know little about mental health. We often don’t spot the signs that someone else – or ourselves – is struggling until very late. A Mental Health First Aid course will teach you to recognise the early signs of a mental health problem, and give you the confidence and knowledge to help. The financial cost of mental health problems is huge:

The overall cost of mental health problems in England stands at £105.2 billion a year, (taking into account care costs, sickness absence and unemployment).*

Stress, anxiety and depression are responsible for 70 million days sick leave every year.*

In 2003 research by the Sainsbury’s Centre for Mental Health showed that staff with mental illness not being supported cost UK businesses a total of £26bn per year – equivalent to £1,035 for every employee in the UK workforce.

For 2009/10 updated figures estimate that the cost to UK businesses is now £30.3 billion a year – equivalent to £1206 per employee.

*The Centre for Mental Health (2010)